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Printed Cardboard Bag

Printed Cardboard Bag Printed cardboard bags are an effective and stylish way to promote your brand. Thanks to offset printing technology, they stand out with clear, vibrant colors. They are ideal for use in stores and events. Furkan Ofset is a company known for its quality, specializing in the production of printed cardboard bags. It […]

E-Commerce Box

E-Commerce Box E-commerce box is a packaging solution that enables products to reach customers safely in online sales. Furkan Ofset in Bursa Osmangazi specializes in e-commerce boxes. The boxes offered by the company are preferred by both domestic and international customers. The boxes can be customized with the company’s logo and brand information, thus increasing […]

Product Catalog Printing

Product Catalog Printing Product Catalog Printing is an indispensable marketing tool for businesses. Furkan Ofset in Bursa Osmangazi serves locally and internationally. Offering quality printing options, the company allows its customers to display their products effectively. The number of pages can be adjusted depending on the product variety and the type of paper used determines […]

Product Box Companies

Product box companies produce quality boxes that will protect your products and increase your brand value. These boxes are prepared using offset printing technique and make the products look more attractive. Furkan Ofset, located in Bursa Osmangazi, is one of the leading companies in the sector. Furkan Ofset, whose speciality is offset printing, offers its […]

Book Printing Manufacturers

Furkan Ofset, which stands out among book printing manufacturers, is located in Bursa Osmangazi and offers quality services worldwide. Prioritizing speed and quality in book printing, the company always aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Furkan Ofset, which operates in both domestic and international markets, is also the industry leader in e-commerce […]

Bursa Ofset Printing

Bursa Ofset Printing Bursa is one of the most important industrial and commercial centers of Turkey, especially in the field of offset printing has proven itself. Furkan Ofset, which operates in the region, has become a leader in the sector by providing quality and customer satisfaction-oriented service for years. Located in Osmangazi district, the company […]

Bursa Catalog Printing Companies

Bursa Catalog Printing Companies Furkan Ofset, a leader in Bursa catalog printing, offers high quality services in Osmangazi district. Specializing in domestic and international e-commerce boxes, the company also offers an exceptional experience in catalog design and printing. The services offered by the company include solutions tailored to the needs of customers. Every detail, from […]

Bursa Promotional Product Manufacturers

Bursa Promotional Product Manufacturers Bursa Promotional Product Manufacturers offer a variety of products that increase the visibility of brands and customer loyalty. Furkan Ofset, located in Bursa Osmangazi, is one of the prominent companies in this field. Furkan Ofset, which specializes especially in e-commerce boxes, serves domestic and international customers. Promotional products can include company […]

E-commerce Box Manufacturers

E-commerce Box Manufacturers Furkan Ofset, located in Osmangazi district of Bursa for E-commerce Box, is one of the leading companies in box production in the e-commerce sector. Providing quality service both domestically and abroad, the company is among the best in the field of e-commerce boxes. Offering customized box solutions according to the needs of […]

What is Sustainable Printing?

What is Sustainable Printing? Sustainable printing is the practice of producing high quality print products without harming the environment. This approach includes utilizing renewable energy sources, minimizing water and energy consumption, and using materials from recyclable or sustainable sources. Companies like Furkan Ofset work based on these principles and aim to reduce their environmental footprint. […]