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4 Renk Dijital Baskı

4Renk Digital

In 1997, Furkan Ofset was established by Furkan Ofset to support the film and color separation problems of printers.

In 2002, it brought the sector together with CTP Technology.

In 2006, it incorporated Digital printing technology.

Again in 2006, it opened a new era in the sector with E-Commerce sites.

4Renk, which constantly renews itself, started to focus on promotion with the introduction of digital technology in 2006.

Offering turnkey digital printing solutions, 4Renk provides competitive advantage, efficiency, effective business models and added value to its customers in different sectors.


4Renk Textile

Furkan Ofset Matbaacılık, which came together with Digital Technology in the early 2000s, decided to carry this knowledge to different markets as a fully equipped company with all international certificates and established 4Renk Tekstil in 2014 for digital textile printing.

It increased its production capacity to 10.000 mt/day for Polyester fabric and 5.000 mt/day for Cotton and Viscose fabric in order to serve small and medium weight textile companies and end users.

It is capable of quality printing with more than 5000 fabric patterns designed by its own design team.

Maintaining the balance of quality and reasonable price, 4Renk Tekstil meets all expectations in its works.

4Renk Tekstil will continue to support you successfully as a young company exporting to all over the world.


4 Renk Tekstil Dijital Baskı
Kitapbaski.com Online Kitap Baskı


www.kitapbaski.com Publications, Dörtrenk Ajans Bilişim Teks. Press Publication. Advertising Printing Company is an organization and also a publishing house brought together by its expert staff with 35 years of experience.

With this knowledge and experience, our company, which provides personal digital printing services, has expanded its line of personal book printing and publishing and publishing in the field of publishing, where the owners of the works can more easily book their works and if they wish, they can offer their books for sale for the first time in Turkey.

As www.kitapbaski.com, we hope that with the support of our members, we will create an opportunity for many authors and promising writers to emerge on international platforms in the world and especially in our country, where self-publishing is developing rapidly.


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