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At this stage, we review the information or design files received from you, edit them and make them suitable for printing. We check the accuracy of colors, dimensions and other features. This part is the most important part for the desired product to be accurate, high quality and error-free.

We constantly check the work done during this process and minimize the margin of error that may occur. Then, we create the film or plates to be suitable for printing. These plates carry the image on the surfaces where the ink will be transferred.

Apple Imac, Apple Mac Pro, Apple Monitor, Eizo Monitor, Intel PC, Epson Digital Proofing, Adet Xrite i1Pro 2, Canon 35×50 Digital Printing, Xerox A3 Digital Printing, Canon 150 cm Digital Printing, Kodak 70×100 CTP

Printing phase;

The printing stage is where these carefully prepared plates are used. The offset printing machine transfers the ink from the plate to a cylinder and then to the printing surface. The printing process is carefully controlled to ensure high precision and quality. For jobs that use more than one color, each color may need to be printed separately and the layers may need to be combined harmoniously.


KBA 106+L 5 color 70×100 + Dispersion Lacquer Printing speed of 18.000 pieces per hour,
Automatic Cross-setting, Exposure-free Printing, Camera metering 5 times per second

Heidelberg SM74 4 colors 50×70, Axis Control color measurement system

Meyer Pallet Turning Machine


The post-printing stage is the processing and finalization of the printed material. Processes such as drying, cutting, folding and binding take place at this stage. Quality control is carried out to improve the quality of the products and achieve the desired result. Finally, packaging and packaging processes are completed before delivery to the customer. These processes constitute the basic steps towards providing quality and customer-oriented service for the offset printing company.

  • Cutting : SBL Automatic Cutting and Sorting (70×100)

  • Gluing : Omega Automatic Gluing (5 points).
  • Spot UV : Roland Favorit 50×70 UV Lacquer
  • Folding : Guk, STAHL, MBO, Multiplate Müller Martini Presto Robot
  • Müller Martini Pantera.
  • Binding Machine : Eva Binding System, Pur Binding System, Perfecta Triangle Knife, Fleece Guillotine 115 cm (2 pieces), Renz Spiral Drilling and Inserting.
  • Foil Gilding : Heidelberg Foil Gilding (Feket), Heidelberg Boiler, Heidelberg Tongs (Number 1) + Foil Gilding, Heidelberg Tongs (Number 2) + Foil Gilding.
  • Lamination : Billhoefer Cellophane Machine (70×100), Somtaş Cellophane Coating (70×100), Somtaş Cellophane Tear-off, Herzog.
  • Label Gluing : Hangooo 4-punch, Purluk Omega and Flat Stitch.
  • Packaging : Aysan Shiring.

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