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Cardboard bags are one of the most important arguments to reflect your brand. You can bring your design to light with a good printing and post-printing process. We produce cardboard bags using different paper types and different printing techniques.

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Bag Types

Bags are very successful in being the advertising face of companies, and if they are specially produced, they are among the most popular and frequently used products. If a company produces a special shopping bag on its behalf, if it gives its customers specially designed bags to put the products purchased at the end of shopping, it will create the impression that a stylish shopping is done thanks to the visuality created by these bags and will leave a very positive impression on the customer about the company. for this reason, specially produced bags are important for a company. Bag designs are very important not only for shopping but also for souvenir presentations. The promotion of promotional products can become very stylish with specially produced bags. Special prints to be applied to bags as well as bag designs, placement of designs on bag sizes and similar issues are among the special issues that should be done in the hands of professionals. Making bag designs, processing these designs into the most suitable bag models, manufacturing from recyclable products, access to bags made of different types of materials are among the most important issues in bag design and production.

Bag Models and Prices

Although different designs can be applied to different types of bags, the most frequently used bag type is unquestionably cardboard bags. Thanks to the printing on a quality cardboard bag, it is possible to increase and maintain the brand value of the company. As with many famous brands, cardboard bags create a real elegance in the brand to be prepared as they look more elegant, more elegant and more costly. Cardboard bags with color distinctions, which can be integrated with different colors, where the symbols, writings and the design processed can be fully seen, not only increase the sales networks in the company used, but also increase the value of the brand and make it attentive. Depending on the type of cardboard bag to be selected, it is very important to ensure the protection of the product to be placed inside, and to realize quality prints in a way that will not transfer the prints to the products inside in case of wetting or humidity. At this point, the importance of the quality of the consumables to be used emerges.

Cloth bags are among the bags that are widely used in our world where the importance of recycling is increasing. It is also possible to have all types of cloth bags printed in any color you wish. At the same time, it is among the bags that are open to be used over and over again, do not wear out easily and do not wear out. For this reason, it is used over and over again for different purposes in the customer it reaches. at the same time, it is among the bag model that attracts the most attention of customers because it can be washed. Presenting your products to your customer in a cloth bag will create happiness as the customer will have an additional product that he can use. Cloth bags are also suitable for printing. With the right techniques, quality consumables and professional printing, the printing will not fade, will be resistant to washing and will leave an advertising product that customers can use for a long time.

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In addition to all these bags, other types of bags that are easily biodegradable are among the bags that can be easily printed and made special and part of the company. Environmental bags that can be easily produced are both low cost and can become eye-catching with the printing on them.

We print your bag designs on any type of bag you want in line with your request, and we create stylish and modern bags that are durable for a long time. We prioritize quality in all the prints we make. In this way, we ensure that you have economical, popular and frequently used bag models, and we provide your customers with the opportunity to make stylish presentations in stylish bags. Thanks to the first-class consumables we use, state-of-the-art printing machines and our professional printing team, we realize the production you want on time.