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  2. Bursa Offset Printing Companies
  3. What is Ofset Printing?
  4. Ofset or Digital Printing?
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Bursa Ofset Printing

Bursa is one of the most important industrial and commercial centers of Turkey, especially in the field of offset printing has proven itself. Furkan Ofset, which operates in the region, has become a leader in the sector by providing quality and customer satisfaction-oriented service for years. Located in Osmangazi district, the company provides domestic and international services with its modern technologies and expert team. Offset printing is ideal for large circulation jobs and Furkan Offset aims to provide the best service in this regard.

Bursa Offset Printing Companies

Bursa is known as one of Turkey’s leading centers in the offset printing industry. In this case, there are many options for those looking for quality and trust. Especially Osmangazi district acts as a hub for printing services. Therefore, you can find a wide range of companies for your printing needs.

In addition, leading companies such as Furkan Ofset dominate the sector. For this reason, you can expect your work to be delivered in quality and on time. The company has an infrastructure equipped with the latest technology machines. Thus, it can produce solutions suitable for all kinds of needs of its customers. A wide service network is offered both domestically and abroad. Therefore, the company’s customer portfolio is quite wide.

Furkan Ofset is especially preferred for the following printing needs:

Book Printing: Ideal for novels, textbooks and reference books.

Brochure and Catalog Printing: It is used for the promotion of products and services.

Banner and Poster Printing: It offers visual solutions for events and campaigns.

Corporate Identity Materials: Office supplies such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes.

Packaging Products: Custom-designed boxes, labels and wrapping paper.

Each of them is prepared in high quality, taking into account specific needs. For large runs, offset printing provides a balance of cost and quality. This method offers economic advantages in the long run. It is widely used in the production of products such as books, brochures and posters.

In this case, the expert staff of the companies play an important role. They maximize customer satisfaction by offering tailor-made solutions for each project. As a result, Bursa

What is Ofset Printing?

Offset printing is a high quality printing production method. This technique is especially preferred for large circulation jobs. In addition, it is realized by transferring the ink to the paper through the mold. Therefore, clear and sharp images are obtained. For this reason, it is ideal for detailed graphics and photographs.

Color consistency has an important place among the advantages of offset printing. Thus, each print is of the same quality. In this case, it is used in materials that are critical for brand identity. It also provides cost effectiveness in the long run. When printing in large quantities, the cost per unit decreases.

The areas where offset printing method is used are wide:

Corporate Identity Materials: Business cards, letterheads, envelopes.

Promotional Products: Brochures, catalogs, flyers.

Packaging Materials: Boxes, labels, wrapping paper.

Publishing: Books, magazines, newspapers.

Each of these uses demonstrates the diversity and flexibility of offset printing. For this reason,

Ofset or Digital Printing?

Offset and digital printing are two popular printing methods. In this case, each has its advantages. However, for large circulations, offset printing stands out. Also, color consistency and quality are pros of offset printing. Therefore, it is often preferred for brand identity materials.

Offset printing offers cost effectiveness in the long run. For this reason, it is ideal for jobs that require high volumes of printing. In addition, the offset printing method is compatible with a wide variety of materials. In this case, high quality printing is achieved on different surfaces, from paper to cardboard. Thus, offset printing offers flexibility.

On the other hand, digital printing is suitable for short runs and small quantities. However, it cannot reach the quality of offset printing in large projects. Therefore, those who consider quality and cost choose offset.

Offset printing is ideal in the following situations:

Corporate Identity Materials: Products such as business cards and letterheads that require quality and consistency.

Promotion and Marketing Materials: It is preferred for brochures, catalogs and posters.

Packaging: It is especially used in specially designed boxes and labels.

As a result, for high quality and consistent printing

How is Offset Printing Done?

Offset printing is an ideal method for detailed and high quality prints. This process requires a special technique. In addition, mold preparation is the basic step of this method. Therefore, transferring the design to the plate is of great importance. Then, the ink is transferred from the plate to the paper. For this reason, offset printing offers clear and sharp images.

This results in high quality prints. In this case, offset printing is especially preferred for large circulations. In addition, the consistency and brightness of colors are maintained. For this reason, brands and publishers often choose offset printing.

Offset printing offers the following advantages:

High Quality: Ideal for sharp and clear images.

Color Consistency: Every print is of identical quality.

Cost Effectiveness: Cost per unit is reduced for large circulations.

Material Diversity: Printing can be done on different surfaces.

These advantages make offset printing the preferred method for many projects. As a result, offset printing is the best choice for quality and impressive prints.

What are the Types of Ofset Printing?

Offset printing has a wide range of uses with its various types. This method is especially preferred for high quality prints. Moreover, the types of offset printing serve different needs. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable type according to the characteristics of your project.

The most common types of offset printing are the following:

Sheet Offset Printing: This type is especially ideal for short-run jobs such as brochures and business cards.

Roll (Web) Offset Printing: Used for newspapers, magazines and large circulation books.

UV Offset Printing: Offers brighter prints using special inks.

Water Based Offset Printing: It is an environmentally friendly method and is especially preferred in the packaging industry.

This diversity makes offset printing a versatile option. Thus, it can be used on different materials and for different printing needs. In this case, offset printing appeals to a wide range of customers. It also offers quality and impressive results for all kinds of printing projects.

As a result, the varieties of offset printing offer flexible solutions according to the requirements of your project. Choose offset printing methods for quality, impressive and long-lasting prints.

What is Offset Printing and Where is it Used?

Offset printing is the preferred method for high quality printing needs. It also provides cost advantages in large circulation jobs. Therefore, it is used in a wide variety of fields. Offset printing technology ensures that the colors are vivid and clear. For this reason, it is preferred wherever visual quality is important.

Offset printing usage areas are quite wide:

Advertising and Marketing Materials: In promotional products such as brochures, catalogs, flyers.

Corporate Identity Materials: Office supplies such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes.

Packaging: Packaging materials such as boxes, labels and wrapping paper.

Book and Magazine Printing: High circulation books, magazines and newspapers.

Artistic Prints: Reproductions of works of art and quality posters.

In this case, offset printing is used in a wide range of applications. Thus, it offers suitable solutions for all kinds of projects. In addition, offset printing produces long-lasting and durable results. Therefore, it is ideal for anyone who cares about quality and durability.

As a result, offset printing attracts attention with its various areas of use. High quality and impressive

What is the Ofset System?

The offset system is a printing technology developed to produce quality prints. This method is especially perfect for large runs. It also relies on the transfer of ink from the plate to the paper. Therefore, offset printing provides clear and sharp images. For this reason, it is often preferred for works that require detail.

Thanks to the offset system, color consistency is perfectly maintained. Thus, color differences from print to print are minimized. In this case, the accuracy of corporate colors for brands is guaranteed. Furthermore, the offset system can be used on a wide range of materials. Therefore, effective prints can be made on different surfaces such as paper, cardboard and plastic.

As a result, the offset system stands out with its wide range of uses and high quality advantages. This method offers an ideal solution for all your printing needs. Offset printing is the first choice for those looking for quality and cost effectiveness.

What is an Ofset Machine?

An offset machine is a specialized printing equipment used in offset printing technology. This machine is designed to produce high quality prints. It also provides cost advantages in large circulation jobs. Therefore, the offset machine has a wide range of uses in the industry. For this reason, it is frequently preferred in newspaper, magazine and book printing.

The main features of the offset machine include speed and efficiency. Thus, a large amount of printing can be done in a short time. In this case, offset printing method saves time and cost. In addition, the offset machine is compatible with various paper sizes and thicknesses. Therefore, it offers flexible solutions to different printing needs.

The main areas where offset machines are used are as follows:

Corporate Identity Materials: Business card, letterhead and envelope printing.

Advertising and Marketing Materials: Brochures, catalogs and posters.

Packaging: Boxes, labels and other packaging materials.

Publishing: Publications such as books and magazines.

As a result, the offset machine meets a wide range of quality printing needs. This machine plays an indispensable role in the industrial printing sector. For those looking for quality, speed and cost-effectiveness, the offset machine is an ideal choice.


Bursa’s leading position in the offset printing sector and the superior services offered by companies such as Furkan Ofset reinforce the region’s success in this field. Offset printing’s contributions to excellence, detail-orientation and wide range of applications are highly valued by both the business world and consumers. While the choice between digital printing and offset varies depending on the requirements of the project, the quality, cost-effectiveness and flexibility offered by offset printing make it the method of choice. The technological advantages of the offset printing machine set industry standards in terms of speed and efficiency, while the variety of printing and application areas show the wide scope of this method. In conclusion, opting for offset printing in Bursa and beyond is a wise investment for companies and brands that do not compromise on quality.