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One of the services provided by our company and the most preferred one is special edition book printing. It is the name given to the type of book that is becoming more popular and demanded every day. It is generally used as a gift. Therefore, it attracts a lot of attention. The subject of these books, which are specially designed for your loved ones, is determined by the person who orders. They are not subject to any restrictions. In other words, you can request a book to be prepared on any subject you wish.

There is also the other side of the business; there are special editions of books that have been previously published by famous authors. These have many different features compared to other book. If you want to have detailed information about this subject, you can take a look at this article.

As a book printing center, we both provide you with affordable printing services and design personalized books.


Special Edition Books

Limited Edition: Special edition books are usually printed in a certain number of copies. This number can often be very low, for example 100 or 500 copies.

Quality Materials and Workmanship: These books are usually produced with high quality paper, binding and printing. Special materials are often used for the covers and sometimes even handcrafted.

Special Design and Decorations: Special edition books may have special design details unlike standard books. For example, there may be a special cover design, a different binding material, or special engravings or illustrations inside the book.

Numbering and Signatures: Some special edition books may be numbered, meaning that each copy has a unique number printed on it. Also, in some cases there may be a signature of the author or illustrator.

Collection Value: Special edition books are often popular with collectors and can appreciate in value over time, especially if they are rare or focused on a particular subject.

Color Book Printing

Visual Richness: Color book printing is essential when visual elements are used extensively in book content. It ensures that visual elements such as photographs, illustrations, graphics or color coding are conveyed accurately and vividly.

Aesthetic Value: Color printing can improve the aesthetic quality of a book. It is especially preferred in book types where visual elements are at the forefront, such as art books, children’s books, photo albums and documentaries.

Power of Expression: Color printing can increase the emotional or narrative power of texts or images. The correct use of color can enrich the reader’s experience and make the narrative more expressive.

Technical Challenges: Color printing can present more technical challenges than monochrome printing. Factors such as color calibration, color accuracy and print quality need to be managed correctly.

Cost Factor: Color book printing is generally more costly than monochrome printing. This can vary depending on the type of ink used, paper quality, printing process and the design of the book.

Hardcover Book Printing

Durability: Hardcover books are generally more durable and long-lasting. The covers are usually covered with thick cardboard or cardboard, which better protects the pages inside.

Aesthetic Appearance: Hardcover books are aesthetically more elegant and polished. Covers are usually covered with materials such as leather or artificial leather, and special designs or prints can be applied on them.

Preference for Valuable Works: Especially works that have a collection value or need to be kept for a long time are printed in hardcover. Such books are usually special editions, limited edition books or prestigious works.

Ease of Use: Hardcover books generally offer a more comfortable reading experience. Thanks to their sturdy covers, the book can be opened and closed frequently and can be suitable for long-term use.

Prestige and Gift Use: Hardcover books are special and meaningful works that are also preferred as gifts. Especially specially designed covers or numbered copies are of interest to collectors or as gifts.

Special Print Prices

Edition Quantity: Special edition books are generally considered to be produced in limited quantities and production costs can be higher per edition. A low print run usually raises the price.

Material Quality: Factors such as the type of paper used, the cover material (e.g. leather or faux leather), the quality of the inner pages and the binding method affect the price. When higher quality materials are used, production costs increase, which is reflected in the price.

Design and Decoration: The cover design, special engravings, numbering, signatures or other special embellishments can increase the price of a special edition book. Special details that require extra labor or craftsmanship for each copy increase costs.

Author or Illustrator Signature: Some special edition books may be signed or numbered by the author or illustrator. Such features increase the collectible value of the book and can therefore affect its price.

Demand and Market Conditions: The price of special edition books can also vary depending on the balance of demand and supply in the market. If it is a rare and special work, demand may be high, which may increase the price.


Special edition books are usually limited editions with a special design, often designed specifically for fans of a particular subject or author, and are among the rarest collector’s items.