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Furkan Ofset For Perforated Cardboard Label Types

Perforated cardboard labels are among the most frequently used cardboard labels of recent years. The purpose of perforated cardboard labels is to use a hole punched in a cardboard label to precisely attach the label to a textile, an ornament, an accessory or jewelry without stapling. Perforated cardboard labels are easy to assemble and are also known as shaker cardboard labels. There are many types of perforated cardboard labels. It can be produced from matte cardboard, yellow cardboard, plastic cardboard, there is no limit to the material to be used. Your dream label type can be easily turned into a cardboard label. It can be assembled with any type of cardboard and any rope you wish. Your imagination will be enough to make an application.

You can use perforated cardboard labels for the promotion of any product and your brand emblems. You can increase the prestige of your products and your brand thanks to perforated cardboard labels that do not wear out easily, do not deteriorate quickly and have a very reputable appearance. As Furkan Offset, we continue to serve you with our abundant choice and abundant quality portfolio in order to use and print perforated cardboard label types in any size, color and printing type you want. We bring together the perforated cardboard label in your mind with the designs you will make, give life with the highest quality consumables, and carefully prepare the most popular and most used cardboard label types for you. We deliver all your orders to your address on time, complete and flawlessly.