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Pizza Box Design

Food products are products that should be meticulously preserved and stored until they reach the customer after they are made, and should not show variability in taste, smell and structure. After the food products are made, the box in which they will be placed during delivery to the customer must contain many features together. One of these features is to keep the food warm and fresh. Food that stays hot and fresh also satisfies the customer and triggers them to reorder later.

Pizza Box Types

Pizza box is a special box that pizza operators should always have at hand, specially designed for home delivery orders and keeps the pizza hot and fresh for a certain period of time, just like when it comes out of the oven. Since it is a special packaging product, it must be specially produced. Details such as the weight of the cardboard, moisture resistance, and the printing to be used on it must be specially and carefully selected. Pizza box is a box that will present the quality of your business to your customers. When designing a pizza box, it is essential that your company’s information, logo, phone numbers and address information are processed in a detailed and visible way. At the same time, the quality of the printing on the box, color distinctions and the state-of-the-art technology of the printing devices are the most important factors in pizza box design. Another important detail is that you get some technical details that you need to know about your pizza box needs from experts.

Buy Pizza Box

As Furkan Offset, we, as Furkan Offset, are at your side with our expert staff, skilled and knowledgeable employees, from design to production and until the last moment when the pizza box will be delivered, in order to ensure that the pizza box you have designed is prepared for printing in accordance with the technical specifications and in a quality manner, that the materials to be used are of high quality, that the pizza box can be produced continuously in the long term and that it can be delivered to your address in line with your demands. We provide positive support to all your requests at every stage until the pizza box is ready for your use, and we make special productions for you with our printing quality and the latest technology printing machines we use. We provide detailed information about the materials to be used in the box, we guarantee the printing quality of all the boxes we produce and the quality of the materials in production. As Furkan Offset, we choose all the materials that should be used in the production of pizza boxes among the products suitable for health. When the pizza box is delivered, it is delivered ready to use. We work in partnership with you during the preliminary preparation phase and visually present you the final version of your product with samples. In production, we produce in the quantity you want and continue to deliver it by printing in the same quality at certain intervals in line with your request.