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Real color quality in catalog printing at Furkan Ofset

If you want to promote your products in print, the catalog is the best option as you can present your products and information in a direct and efficient way. More images and color descriptions are important to capture your customer with a “first impression”.

Catalogs are one of the oldest forms of dissemination of products and services we know. The use of catalogs has grown. Today perfume manufacturers, publishers, building materials distributors, supermarkets, computer assemblers and numerous companies use these advertising items for promotion, because their managers know that they bring a great return. Also called brochures, they are quite popular and are used by companies to promote and sell their products in the most diverse market segments. However, it is not only the advertised products that influence the consumer’s mind, it is the quality of the catalog that makes a direct and immediate impact on the customer.

Furkan Ofset has been operating in the market for more than 10 years with professional catalog printing for advertising agencies, pharmaceutical laboratories, publishers and various companies to capture the customer with high-resolution prints. Furkan Ofset has a variety of options to choose colors, papers and coatings that provide endless possibilities to create catalogs that will impress consumers. It produces customized catalogs in different formats, papers and finishes according to the needs of each customer. It is dedicated to its customers, guaranteeing high quality and fast printing as well as a good service, with specialized staff to help you choose and produce your catalog.

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