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FURKAN OFFSET Visit of Private Şefkat Faruk Kindergarten Students...

Private Şefkat Faruk Kindergarten students and their teachers visited our company. Private Şefkat Faruk Kindergarten students had the opportunity to observe the packaging and book printing processes on-site within the scope of the 'Investigation' course they take at school. The astonished looks of the students, who carefully watched the paper being printed on the machine, were reflected on their faces. The students listened carefully to our Business Manager Mustafa Demir, who gave information about the printing house to the little students, and did not neglect to ask different questions. Demir, I appreciate the curiosity of the little visitors, they ask questions about everything they see. We gave them information about our profession and the machines we use in a language they can understand. We gave them our Cheerful Tutorial Education set, which we printed to set an example. It made us very happy that the Private Şefkat Faruk Kindergarten did such a nice work for our profession.