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We Are Here For Your Plastering Label Needs

Plastering labels are labels that are applied on the packaging of a product and contain the product description, instructions for use, place of production and all other information. Plastering labels are applied fully adhered to the packaging. Plastering labels are an important item as they will mainly promote the product. It is a label style that is frequently used especially for Turkish translations of foreign origin products. You can easily use plastering labels in all kinds of products you manufacture yourself. You can also produce the plaster labels, which are printed in a ready-made form, by using a printing machine.

In plastering labels, you can have them specially produced with a text, company logo or design that has been decided serially for your products. If you want your plastering labels that you will apply to your products to be manufactured in a special ready-made form, you are in the right place. As Furkan Ofset, we are always with you in your plastering label needs. We carefully print your special designs in plastering labels on special label types of the quality you want and make them ready for use. We mass produce special and high quality plastering labels for your products in the sizes you wish, and print them specially with quality consumables. We make special and high quality prints in all types of plastering labels. We can produce your special plastering labels in any size you want. At the same time, by revealing the affordable price quality production performance in all plastering labels, we print in the quality you want and deliver them to you carefully, ready for use.