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Service materials are essential in all food and beverage areas. The role of placemat products in ready-to-eat food consumption in both restaurants and shopping malls is very important. Placemats play an important role in keeping tables less dirty, keeping food in a safe and clean area and for company advertisements. What kind of information and visuals will be on the placemats is made according to the request of the company that will use them. Placemats are produced by printing on a certain weight of paper or cardboard material. In this respect, the quality of the printing on it as well as the material to be used will make your customers feel that they are eating in a clean and quality facility.

Placemats are products placed on the tables, but since some businesses serve with trays, tray-sized placemats are also produced. Tray-sized placemats are used more frequently in shopping mall food courts. Regardless of where the food is eaten, disposable placemats are life-saving in order to ensure hygiene, especially at common shared points. We transfer the design you will have made to the paper in the weight you wish with a mass production. We produce successful products in the distinction of transferring the color and design exactly to the paper by means of our latest technology printing machines. If you wish, we complete some deficiencies during design. Thanks to our continuous production capacity with the materials of your choice, we deliver your orders to your address undamaged on the dates you will give. Being conscious of the fast consumption of American services in food points and restaurants, we guarantee you delivery on certain dates.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art printing machines, we guarantee you the best visual results. We carefully pack the American service products that we produce in our printing department without any errors until they are put into use and deliver them to your address without any errors. We deliver cut and ready to use. As Furkan Offset, we ensure that you receive the service you wish with our long years of experience, our expert staff, from design to production, with our professional and experienced staff. We work with the awareness that American services should be clean products in terms of hygiene and we realize guaranteed and clean productions in terms of health. We choose all of the materials to be used in your American service orders from materials and printing products that comply with the regulations. In order for your designs to be clearly revealed, we realize quality productions in line with your request. We take care that the quality of printing, company information and logos, campaign products or the information contained in the food are of high quality and healthy.